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This is a story how I met my wife, Lee Su-jin.
At an event where a lot of entertainers gathered I happened to sit by her.
It was a love at first sight. She had a distinctive personality and was so attractive that I felt like talk to her.
I started talking about singing to draw her attention and we moved on asking home town and found that both of us came from Busan, making each other feel more comfortable and familiar.
While talking, fortunately to me, she asked me to teach her a song someday when I had a free time.
I thought “this is it” and quickly set a date to meet her again. She, however, was busy in her working and said that she could not meet me at the set date. But I didn’t give up and called her up for several times only to meet her again.

Finally I dated with her and I felt like this was the last chance I could make her falling in love with me. I took a drive around the Cheongpyung area till late evening and we found a traditional bar to take a rest. We drank together and I soon got a little bit tipsy in the mood and eventually confessed her that I wanted to marry her.
But she thought she couldn’t trust me since I confessed her so fast at the first date.
I tried to make her believe that I was serious and I loved you from the bottom of my heart. I swore that I would love only you at the end of my life. Finally she seemed to understand my heart and now I can say the day at Cheongpyung with her is the best romantic night ever to both of us.

Now she is not an actress anymore but a wife and mother of my three children, two boys and a girl. I love her as always till the end of my life and even after death.